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27 Point Vehicle Safety Inspection

 At Brighton Auto Repair, we will perform a thorough safety inspection on your vehicle, so you will be aware of services and repairs that need immediate attention, may require future attention and let you know what has been checked and is ok. After we complete this checkup, we review it with you and send you home with a copy too.

We check the Tire Pressure, Wear Pattern, and the Tread Depth on all four tires:


 1. Left Front Tire


 2. Left Rear Tire


 3. Right Rear Tire


 4. Right Front Tire

Next, we check the Fluid Levels:


 5. Engine Oil


 6. Coolant


 7. Brake


 8. Power Steering


 9. Transmission 


10. Wiper Washer


11. Transfer Case,if applicable


12. Differential, if applicable

Last but not least, we check


13. Front Brakes (Left Front & Right Front)


14. Rear Brakes (Left Rear & Right Rear)


15. Shocks/Struts (Front & Rear)


16. CV Joint Boots (Left Front & Right Front), if applicable


17. Steering Components


18. U-Joints, if applicable


19. Suspension (Front & Rear)


20. Exhaust System


21. Belts (Serpentine, Power Steering, Other)


22. Hoses (Radiator Hoses, Heater Hoses, Power Steering Hoses & Air Conditioning Hoses)


23. Air Filter


24. Cooling System (Mixture/Leaks)


25. Windshield Wipers & Blades


26. Lamps (Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, Turn Signal Lamps, Parking Lamps)


27. Battery

Buying or Selling an Automobile?

Buying a used Automobile?

Prevent the unknowns of your potential purchase before you purchase a used vehicle by having us perform a complete 27 Point Vehicle Safety Inspection, so we can let you know its current condition. This service is inexpensive, does not take long to perform, and is very beneficial to our customers.   We will explain what we find and help guide you with your decision to purchase the vehicle including any potential upfont and costly repairs that may be needed.  


Selling a used Automobile?

Before you sell your used vehicle, it's also a great idea to have us perform a complete 27 Point Vehicle Safety Inspection. This will help you be aware of its current condition, and you can provide a copy of the inspection form as proof of its condition to the potential purchaser.

Complete 27 Point

Vehicle Safety Inspection

Buying or Selling an Automobile?
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