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We have the experience, all of the latest technology and diagnostic scan tools to handle all of your automotive repairs and services... and provide customer service with a smile too!


Being in Michigan, we sure know how miserable it can be if your air conditioning is NOT working during the HOT months of summer. And ladies, the older we get the COLDER we like it... Great News - we can help! You will be feeling cool as a cucumber (or ice-cube if you like it like that) in no time.  <wink>


Let's face it... when we push on the brake pedal - everytime we drive our vehicle - we expect them to work!  If you notice anything out of the ordinary such as a grinding noise, pulling, or werid vibrations with your brakes when you try to slow your car down...  that's your sign... it's time to bring your vehicle in for a brake repair. We can help! 

Brake pads
Brake Repairs
Air Conditioning Repairs


Brrrrrr, Michigan winters are freezing cold! Sometimes temps fall below zero. It is so important that your heat is in good working condition, and if it's not - we can help! You will feel warm as a bug in a rug in no time. <wink>

Heating Repairs
Cooling System & Radiator Repairs
Electrical Repairs


If this looks like what you are experiencing, your engine may be overheating.  You can sometimes save yourself thousands of dollars by pulling over before permanent damage is done.  Steam is usually an indication that coolant, which is under pressure, is escaping from your car's cooling system. If it's leaking slowly and hitting an exhaust pipe or something else that's hot, it may not be an emergency. But if it's leaking quickly, you can overheat the engine and do serious damage to your engine and it will be much more costly. We can help! 


Other signs your are having issues with the your cooling system or may need radiator repairs:


  • When your thermostat fails, your vehicle will overheat quickly.

  • Radiator hoses should be replaced periodically because they are prone to failure and will leak overtime.

  • When air becomes trapped in the cooling system, your vehicle will run hot and you may need to have the cooling system bled to remove the air bubbles.

  • When your water pump fails, it will no longer circulate the coolant throughout the engine in order to regulate the temperature.

  • When there are obstructions such as engine "scale" blocking the cooling passages in the engine or radiator which make it difficult for coolant to move efficiently.

  • When your vehicle is fine on the freeway, but overheats at idle or in traffic may be due to a failed radiator fan.

Steam Water Vapor


Electrical problems in your automobile can be very tricky and hard to find (kind of like finding a needle in a haystack) because there are so many masses of wires everywhere. Over the past 30 years, Eric Muir has fixed a lot of electrical damage including damage caused from mice (and even found them still there - eeek!). No worries, we got this - and love the challenge!


Problems with your clutch?  Vehicles with manual transmissions (driver manually shifts the vehicle into gear via a stick shift) all have a clutch that needs periodic adjustment and repair or replacement.  Good news... we can help!


Here are your signs your clutch will need to be inspected and possibly replaced...


  • When your clutch feels soft or spongy is a sign it may be failing.

  • When your clutch is failing, it's also accompanied by a burning smell.

  • When you shift into first gear or reverse, and it doesn't engage as smoothly as it used to and it shakes.

  • When you take off the inspection cover at the bottom of the bell housing to see your clutch and notice visible damage to the actual clutch itself.  Note: Fine black dust is normal wear.

Clutch Repairs


Problems with your transmission?  Whether you have a manual transmission (stick shift and clutch) or an automatic transmission... we can help!


Here are some of your signs you may have trouble with your transmission:


  • When you try to put your stick shift into gear, and it just won't budge.

  • When you're driving down the road and your gears spontaneously slip and pop out of gear which forces the stick back into neutral.

  • When you smell burning transmission fluid, that could mean your vehicle is overheating.

  • When you hear weird noises when your vehicle shoud be shifting, or noises when it's in neutral.

  • When shifting into gear and the driver drags the clutch and you hear that dreaded grinding noise can cause problems with your transmission.

  • Your transmission fluid should be bright red, clear and a little sweet-smelling when everything is working correctly.  Make sure it's not a dark color and that it doesn't have a burnt smell.  

  • Transmission fluid should never leak on your driveway, if it does, that's a sign your transmission needs attention.

Transmission Repairs


It's important to keep your exhaust system or muffler in good working condition. It will help your engine run better, keep the exhaust fumes out of the cabin, and prevent polluting emissions from being released into the air we breath.  


Here's your sign... if your exhaust makes a loud rumbling sound, don't turn up the radio to tune it out... you may need your muffler or exhaust system repaired, and we can help!

Exhaust System / Muffler
Exhaust System / Muffler Repairs


Does your automobile have problems with the steering and suspension systems?  We can help!


The steering and suspension systems of a car are not only important for safety reasons but also to enhance the comfort of your car's ride.


Here are some of your signs:

  • When you turn your steering wheel, does it make any kind of noise?

  • Is your steering wheel getting harder to turn?

  • Do you feel vibrations in the steering wheel or seats? 

  • Does your vehicle continue to bounce long after you went over a bump?

Steering & Suspension Repairs


Shocks and Struts are part of the Steering and Suspension Systems (see above). If you need your shocks and struts inspected or replaced, we can help!


Here are some of your signs you may need shock and strut repairs:


  • Do you experience excessive bounce (3 or more bounces) when crossing an intersection or dip?

  • When stopping quickly, does your vehicle rock back and forth several times?

  • When applying your brakes firmly at higher speeds, does your vehicle have a tendency to drift left or right?

  • When changing lanes quickly, does your vehicle rock or sway from side to side?

  • On a tight curve like a freeway ramp, does your vehicle lean and sway giving it an uneasy and disconnected feeling?

Lamborghini struts and shocks
Shocks and Struts
Suspension - Struts and Shocks
Shocks & Struts Repairs


Problems with your automotive engine and need it to be rebuilt or do you want to repower your vehicle with a cost effective engine replacement? We can help! Eric Muir is an ASE Certified Master Technician, L1 Advanced Drivability Specialist, and ASE Certified Master in Heavy Duty Trucks.


We are your one stop shop for all of your auto engine repair needs (all makes and models).


- Commercial Engine Repair


- Import Engine Repair / Foreign Engine Repair / European Engine Repair

- Domestic Engine Repair / American Engine Repair

- Hybrid Engine Repair


- Light Duty Truck Engine Repair

- Medium Duty Truck Repair

- Heavy Truck Engine Repair


- Gasoline Engine Repair

- Diesel Engine Repair


We also repair fuel injected boats, sport utility vehicles, and motorhomes.

Commercial Trucks
Commercial Trucks
Import / European Auto Engine Repair
Domestic Auto Engine Repair
Domestic Auto Engine Repair
Domestic Car Engine Repair
Engine Repair
Engine Repair
Engine Repair
Engine Repair
Engine Repair
Fuel Injected Boat
Sport Utility Vehicle Repair
Engine Repairs
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