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Automotive Diagnostic Inspections

There are several dashboard lights that let you know your vehicle needs to be serviced or repaired.


At Brighton Auto Repair, we offer computerized engine diagnostic services and will perform a diagnostic scan/inspection on your vehicle. 

There is a reason "Muir Advanced Diagnostics" is part of our logo... That's because Eric Muir is an ASE L1 Advanced Diagnostic Specialist and the Diagnostic Go-To Guy for Import and Domestic vehicles in the local Brighton and surrounding areas. One of his many specialities is diagnosing vehicles for everything from drivability and automotive performance issues such as: check engine lights, rear park assist, and ABS (Anti-lock braking system), airbag sensors, crank no start, no crank no start, etc. and he has invested in all the latest technology and scan tools to service and repair every make and model. 


Diagnostic Inspections

Is your dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree?


Three of the most common dashboard lights are:

  1. Change Engine Oil Light

  2. Check Engine Light

  3. Tire Pressure Monitor System Light

Change Engine Oil Light on?

 Change Engine Oil Light on?

If you see this oil can light on your dashboard, you are probably due for an oil change. One of the ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly regardless of how many miles it has it to get in for regular oil changes. 

Check Engine Light On?
Tire Pressure Monitor System Light on?

Tire Pressure Monitor System Light on?

What do Dashboard Lights Mean...

1.    Fog Light (Front)

2.    Power Steering

       Warning Light

3.    Fog Light (Rear)

4.    Water Fluid Low

5.    Brake Pad Warning

6.    Cruise Control On

7.    Direction Indicators

8.    Rain and Light Sensor

9.    Winter Mode

10.  Information Indicator

11.  Glow Plug /

       Diesel Pre-Heat Warning

12.  Frost Warning

13.  Ignition Switch Warning

14.  Key not in Vehicle

15.  Key Fob Battery Low

16.  Distance Warning

17.  Press Clutch Pedal

18.  Press Brake Pedal

19.  Steering Lock Warning

20.  Main Beam Headlights

21.  Tire Pressure Low

22.  Sidelight Information

23.  Exterior Light Fault

24.  Brake Lights Warning

25.  Diesel Particulate Filter Warning

26.  Trailer Tow Hitch Warning

27.  Air Suspension Warning

28.  Lane Departure Warning

29.  Catalytic Converter Warning

30.  Seat Belt Not On

31.  Parking Brake Light

32.  Battery/Alternator Warning

33.  Parking Assist

34.  Service Required

35.  Adaptive Lighting

36.  Headlight Range Control

37.  Rear Spoiler Warning

38.  Convertible Roof Warning

39.  Airbag Warning

40.  Handbrake Warning

41.  Water in Fuel Filter

42.  Airbag Deactivated

43.  Fault Problem

44.  Dipped Beam Headlights

45.  Dirty Air Filter

46.  Eco Driving Indicator

47.  Hill Descent Control

48.  Temperature Warning

49.  ABS Warning

50.  Fuel Filter Warning

51.  Door Open

52.  Bonnet Open

53.  Low Fuel

54.  Automatic Gearbox


55.  Speed Limiter

56.  Suspension Dampers

57.  Oil Pressure Low

58.  Windscreen Defrost

59.  Boot Open

60.  Stability Control Off

61.  Rain Sensor

62.  Engine/Emmissions


63.  Rear Window Defrost

64.  Auto Windscreen Wiping

What do Dashboard Lights Mean?
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